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Prisons Research Centre


Appreciative Inquiry and the moral performance of prisons

Click here for Alison’s Social Science Bites podcast interview:

Liebling - Successful Prisons graphic 125x177Alison Liebling, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Cambridge and Director of the Institute of Criminology’s Prisons Research Centre, has recently been awarded a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship to embark on significant further research and took a moment to reflect on her career-to-date with Omar. 

Alison's work includes a series of successful books and publications on several topics including suicides and suicide attempts among adult prisoners, public-private sector comparisons, the work and role of prison officers, and the nature and quality of staff-prisoner relationships.

As well as reflecting on her inspirations and how she came to 'appreciative inquiry' as a research method, Alison discusses three of her papers, including some past and some present work:

Paper 1: Women in our own Right or ‘Honorary Men’? Reflections on a Professional Life in Prisons Research

Paper 2: Finding George Eliot In Prison: Reflections On Its Moral Life

Paper 3: Moral performance, inhuman and degrading treatment and prison pain

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