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Prisons Research Centre


Bethany Schmidt has been awarded a Cambridge University Public Engagement Starter Fund.

Bethany, in collaboration with Healthier Democracies, will facilitate three workshops with prisoners to reflect on and document the democratic innovations they have developed whilst incarcerated.

Mixed media creative expressions around the meanings of ‘citizenship’ and ‘civil death’ produced from these sessions will be exhibited at the Institute of Criminology (summer 2022). This adapted form of participatory photovoice has three primary aims:

  • to illuminate disenfranchisement as an overlooked pain of imprisonment;
  • to stimulate a public dialogue about political marginalisation and its social and democratic implications; and,
  • to explore ways to promote and energise inclusive civic participation.

An interactive web forum will be developed to enable wide and sustained engagement.

You can follow the project’s progress on Twitter: @CivicDignity