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Experiencing very long term imprisonment from young adulthood

Identity, adaptation and penal legitimacy.

Long-term imprisonment teamBen Crewe is currently directing a major study of prisoners serving very long sentences from an early age, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (co-investigator, Dr Susie Hulley; research associate, Ms Serena Wright)

This study has involved interviews with 125 male prisoners serving life sentences with tariffs of fifteen years or more, sentenced when aged 25 or under, and the collection of 295 surveys from a wider group of men who meet these criteria, in sixteen establishments overall, including young offender institutions, high-security prisons, category B and C prisons, and open prisons. In the coming months, our aim is to begin writing up the study while also interviewing the small number of female prisoners in the England and Wales prison system who also meet our criteria. We are also developing a research proposal in the hope of securing access to interviewing both men and women serving these sentences who have been transferred to secure psychiatric hospitals. Funding for this additional work has been provided by The Newton Trust.

You can read Ben, Susie and Serena's blog entries here

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