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Prisons Research Centre



Julienne Weegels is a postdoctoral researcher with the Centre for Latin American Research at the University of Amsterdam. She is here to work on her book manuscript Performing Prison: Power, Agency and Co-Governance in Nicaraguan Prisons, which is based on her doctoral research. The book addresses the negotiation of state and prisoner power, and the politics of (dis)order writ large. It is based on long-term ethnographic research with (former) prisoners and takes an interdisciplinary approach, bridging debates in Latin American studies, critical criminology and the anthropology of the state, to understand not only everyday life inside Nicaragua's prisons, but also the evolution of its hybrid carceral state.


Julienne is a founding member of the Anthropology of Confinement Network, the Red de Investigación Penitenciaria de las Américas, and co-organizer of the Global Prisons Research Network.

Dr Julienne  Weegels
Not available for consultancy